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Concarolinas 2010 - Arnold

posted Jun 10, 2010, 8:08 PM by Paul At Regret Games
So, didn't take as detailed notes, (nor do I believe people want to read all that nonsense anyhow,) so here goes:


The con was TOO DAMNED NOISEY to do any gaming!  Seriously, we left the room and went to our hotel rooms for EVERY SESSION except DonJon.  Wow.  But the people, they were nice.  Most of the players were people Paul and I know through the convention circuits we run, but we got some new members to add to the plot mix.


With only one player, the session looked doomed.  But my girlfriend offered to play Kagematsu, and I offered to be an additional player instead, and poof!  We had a thirty something villager with about even stats, a little more Charm than Innocence, and a young girl (claiming 12, but roleplayed as around 8) with much more Innocence than Charm.

Both went to the temple on the mountain as representatives of their village to plead for Kagematsu's help.  The entire valley was under a supernaturally prolonged winter, and they fear that only the priest (Kagematsu) can help.

Kagematsu settled into the role pretty quickly, and our village woman tried to garner some affection with some well played scenes, but the fates wouldn't allow it.  Desperations were called in and lost, and a slow spiraling downfall.  What almost always happened was that she would win the first Affection in a scene, and then stay in the scene for a follow on (or two) linking them together very well, but then fail the third one spectacularly.

This means, according to the game rules, that her Fear rating doesn't decrease, and she remains ever pessimistic about her fate, not believing that Kagematsu is willing or able to help her.

The young girl got some good scenes in here or there, but it seemed as if Kagematsu was more or less humoring her.  She even managed to pry a secret out of him, but it had little to do with the story at hand.  (Something Kagematsu regretted in retrospect.)  She was interrupted by The Threat! only once, in trying to elicit the final promise.

Then the woman tried the promise, and was denied.  It was a beautifully roleplayed scene, her rolling and not adding enough, and then having absolutely no desperations left (she had already tried all of them and failed them.)

The girl got the promise after some wrangling, and Kagematsu went to the mountaintop to fight the beast.  The woman had a ton of Fear still (6 dice!) which she chose to roll.  The girl didn't want to add her 4 Fear to that, instead charging the mighty serpent and being crushed utterly by it's massive tail.

In the end, Kagematsu couldn't defeat the beast, and the game ended in ice, blood, and regret.


This game revolves around first time adventurers looking to look a nearby cave that their parents and their parent's parents have warned them against visiting.  But they're brash and young, so what could go wrong?

Three characters, all stereotypical fantasy types.  Dwarf, Elf, and Deathknight.  So the traditional buying of equipment is had, because I love doing it and it shows people how the looting system works and the dice.  One of the character got tossed out and had to have others get stuff for him, and two of the three haggled for questionably magical items from a traveling salesman.

Straight out of the gate they encounter a pair of Munuane demons, which the three of them manage to overcome after much chaos.  Fish filled river waves attacked them, trees were felled, and many arrows flew.

The Windigo showed up to mourn for his friends, and told the adventurers that he would not tell them where the cave was, "For you will use it to seek power, as I and my friends already have.  But you have power enough already."

The Dwarf out-dumbed him in a triple reversal lie, and the direction that the Windigo told them not to go was in fact the way they didn't go which led to the cave.

At the cave's mouth they found many bodies, and looted them to great effect, finding pretty much anything they could think to ask for.  Deeper in the cave they encountered two stone guardians, which the Dwarf didn't feel were a threat.

He was very wrong.

In the middle of the fight, a voice asked "What more do you want?  Was that not enough"

The Deathknight actually said out loud, in character, that he wanted to be rid of his curse, and we cut to him pulling off his helmet as flesh, muscle, and skin are stitching themselves over his bones, teeth and jaws healing old cracks as it all happened.  Cool!

The Dwarf continued to fight mercilessly, as the Elf cast a spell to open the door (and declare what was on the other side!)  They found the entity inside the cave, but the (now healed and un-cursed) former Deathknight didn't follow them.  He was done.  The Elf had to drag the Dwarf in, as he had been savagely beaten by the guardians.

The Dwarf was barely conscious, but still mumbling "Treasure!" in a raspy voice.  We zoom in on the entity crying bitter, neglected tears which turn into gemstones as they hit the greedy bleeding Dwarf's hands

Usagi Yojimbo

A full table!  All six characters!  I didn't split the party up, as I initially intended (and certainly will do from now on) so they began at the main gates of a castle.  (They were all kids who knew Jeromie, and Jeromie had talked them into trying this computer game.  When Jeromie flips the switch, they get transported into the game!)

So Jeromie tells them there's another girl in there, who looks "as different from everything else as you guys do.  Maybe she's trapped?"  They mercilessly march through the area, totally blowing over all the defenses I had planned.  (It will totally be harder next time, I promise.)  When half of them make it to the girl, the other half are ambushed by a huge wolf.

Cut between dialogue scenes with her, as she mocks them petulantly.  "I can grant wishes, like this one, for Jeromie."  (Insert player making a wish.) "No."  (Maniacal laughter.)  "It doesn't count here.  You're not real, and I'm safe here from all of that."

Jeromie can only hear half the conversation (as he's not in the game with them,) and the other kids are having a hard time trying to get the upper hand on this wolf, who isn't going down.  In the confused chaos, one of the players (who has left the virtual game by way of daring the girl to kick him out) is monkeying around with the controls so much that he begins pulling people at random out.

In all that, somehow the wolf gets out in the body of one of the children... and those that get left behind as the system shuts down see only darkness.


The confusion and chaos, and Paul's games for the most part not making, made it really hard to tie these adventures together in a meaningful way.  But I'm optimistic for the future.  I have some good ideas and fuel for my future session offerings, and some hearty appreciation for what a focused party can do in Usagi.  Dialogue will change next time in almost all three of these games, as I get a clearer hold on what direction I want to push, but hey, all things considered, I had a great time.

The new sheets Paul and I are using between sessions are more focused, and more useful.