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Dragon*Con 2010 - Arnold

posted Sep 13, 2010, 8:03 AM by Arnold Cassell
Well, it ended with a fizzle.


Didn't make.  Didn't sell a ticket.
So I made up something.  I figured it was time to throw a curve into it.  Kagematsu's secret is revealed to everyone at large.  Everyone in the valley finds out that it was Kagematsu all along who orchestrated this unwelcome winter.

You see, he went into the cave, a wanderer, lost and alone.  He wished for respect and companionship.  When he emerged from the cave, there was a temple where one was not before, and he was the head priest.  Then a demon forced the desperate villages to send women to him to entreat his "priestly" services to scare it off.

This time everyone knows it.

My Life with Master:

Sold out, but only two players showed up.  No players for Unending River, so I talked Paul into playing my game instead.  The master (who managed to remain unnamed the entire game!) was a warrior who had heard this cave's story.  He considered the character of Kagematsu to be "weak and petty, to use such a power with such little understanding of it's potential."

The Master was a Brute and a Teacher, hoping to spread his school of fighting arts across the world.  The Outsiders were an envoy from the capitol come to weigh and measure his techniques.

Three neat characters, some creepy scenes, lots of failures (including failed overtures, which just rock.)  One was sent to waylay the envoy and kill two of the four members.  One was sent to a local temple to retrieve 10 students of the Master who had fled from his training.  One began the game captured, after being beat up by some random passing thugs.

The Master was not kind to the third, and then sent him to destroy a local farmer whom he suspected of rebellion.  That particular Minion decided to "destroy" the farmer by setting his house in disorder and against him.  It backfired spectacularly, when the farmer walked in on the Minion and the farmer's wife.  The farmer was pleased with the thought of stealing some of the Minion's power through breeding, and retrieved additional women for him to impregnate.

The others didn't fare too well themselves.  The one sent to kill got captured, then tried to befriend one of his targets.  [The two members of teh envoy from the Capitol that the Master wanted dead were a meddling old man and his grandson.  The Master would rather spare the lives of the other two in the envoy, so that they could do their jobs and witness the awesome power of the Master.]  He managed to make friends with the grandson, who hadn't realized the Minion's intent, even after he "accidentally" killed the grandfather.  The Minion retrieved a priest to preside over the grandfather's cremation, and the Master showed up and demanded that the Minion throw the grandson into the pyre.  The Minion tried to resist, but couldn't.

The other Minion overcame the temple's defenses and commanded the 10 runaways and got them back to the Master, who then ordered the Minion to kill them.  The Minion refused, which cost him an ear, but he was forced to slaughter them anyway.  He ran away for a time, into town to the baker's house.  She was startled to discover such a monster in her home, but they eventually come to the same table over a cookie.  The Master arrived shortly after, incensed that everything was falling apart around him (having been forced to reveal himself to get his Minions to carry out their duty, and having these farmers continue to rebel in front of the watchful eye of the Capitol envoy, etc)  He ordered this Minion to go and slaughter the farmers, and anyone who knew of this plan (which included the baker, as she was standing right there.)

The Minion refused, and the two were locked in Mortal combat.

Our third Minion, still trying to fulfill his duty, killed the women he had been paired with by the farmer, and chased the farmer to the temple, but he couldn't burn it down for fear of killing the spirit that lived there.  Cursing his cowardice, he went in to carry out the job personally.  The farmer overcame him, and the Minion's hand was caught on a hook in the cooking fire.  This Minion perished in flames, while the farmer's children watched from the shadows (as they had done when he "visited" the farmer's wife.)

Our second Minion defeated the Master, but then went to the Master's school high upon the mountain and set it ablaze.  The Minion stayed and perished within.

Our first Minion ran and ran for many years, but the two surviving members of the Capitol envoy set up a school on the charred remains of the old one.  They were the ones to finally capture the Minion, and he died by their hands.

Dogs in the Vineyard: ?


Besides, it would have interfered with the parade, which was awesome.

Ingenuous: ?

Usagi Yojimbo:

Didn't sell a single ticket.

Little Fears:

I played LF instead.  I'll let Paul talk about that game.

Misspent Youth:

The Authority was a Religious entity, motivated by Greed and consuming humanity.  I really hated this authority!  They made you eat their food substances exclusively, and performed regular mandatory cleansings of your body to keep track of what you ingested.  Jerks!  They also made you minister to others, to keep track of your religious education.  And they outlawed all forms of PDA!  Even holding hands!  They even controlled your income, stealing 50% of it for "tithes".

The clique was a group of ex-child actors.  The Authority controlled the air now, so they were out of work.  Many tropes were represented, ranging "so pretty you can't tell if he's gay" to "smokes while he kicks ass."

They started out in an Authority sponsored cafeteria, trying to get breakfast, but caused trouble.  The Authority won and put them in isolation and "special sermons" for a few days, but they were reunited for group therapy.  They got information from the doctor there (using one of the Y.O.'s "trusted" convictions to win it, perfect!)

The Authority had discovered a site beneath the ground that they could use to brainwash particularly rebellious people.  They were about to step up production.  But the y.o.s got down there and figured out that it was "the cave."  Not long afterward, they figured out the cave's power was consolidated in what appeared to be a young girl.

They convinced her to leave and come with her to their hideout.  She resisted, but they proved entertaining enough.

But it was an ambush.  The Authority had sent agents to trap the Y.O.s, and after a bloody struggle with the minions, the real Authority showed up.

The Y.O.s and the Authority each tried to convince "the cave" to come to their side.  The Authority offered thousands, millions of worshipers (as "she" was much enamored with people who worshiped her) but the Y.O.s won in the end by convincing her that their admiration and respect, their desires were more pure.

Quality wins over Quantity when it comes to Desire.

Garage Band: ?