Instead of content, I offer you this joke:

A woman was walking down the street and spied a pet store with a brightly-plumed parrot in the window. When she approached to take a gander, the parrot looked straight at her and squawked, "Hey, lady!"

"Yes?" the woman asked.

"You're ugly!" the bird returned.

Startled, the woman drew back and left.

The next day, she saw the same bird in the window. Before she could avert her eyes, the parrot screeched "Hey, lady!"


"You're ugly!"

The woman was outraged at the temerity of the bird, roosting comfortably while insulting passers-by. She stomped into the pet store and had a number of angry words with the shopkeeper, who assured her he would have the parrot under control by tomorrow.

The next day, the woman strode directly over to the pet store window.

"Hey, lady!" said the bird gamely.

"What? she spat back.

The bird just nodded. "Yooou know."

One day, this page will have actual content. Want a spoiler instead? Okay: Dragons, a game about what isn't impossible.

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