Feast of Stars

Long has mankind suspected that it is not alone in the universe, and only the maddest and most pessimistic regard this possibilty with trepidation. Seekers of the occult have tried since time immemorial to discover (or, some would say, rediscover) the secret knowledge of things. Now, reading by gaslight, traveling by locomotive, and impelled by the innovations of the Age of Steam, they've found it. God help them.

Crumbling writings tell of ancient beings asleep in the seas, the sands, the earth, the sky, and how they would one day rise to consume the world. That day has come. The Oldest Ones are awakening from their eons-long slumber, and though the truth is garbled and the portents are murky, their hunger cannot be denied. This is the end of all things.

Erratic daylight, maddening visions, and all manner of unnatural phenomena are visited upon women and men with no sense to their timing and placement.  Far-off lands have begun to disappear from the map; missives and telegraphs and messengers are sent with none returned. Worst of all, the stars of the night sky are winking out, and an ominous pattern of encroachment is beginning to emerge. Pandemonium grips the world, and those stoic academics and stolid adventurers who believe they can do something about it are very, very few.

What Is This?

Feast of Stars is a Cthulhu-esque game about the usual occult investigators searching for forbidden knowledge and blasphemous sites, but with one twist: the Old Gods are already awake, and they've already begun inexorably devouring the world. Many landmasses and astronomical bodies are already gone, and as the rest of the world writhes and riots, a scattered few dozen individuals are organizing to fight the End with whatever wisdom and talents they have. Adventure, insanity, and probably tentacles await.

Originally, I was going to take my system for The Waiting Game and pair it with brief setting write-ups and minor rule tweaks, hopefully to end up with a bunch of little games that use the same mechanics. Feast of Stars, along with Tahara and Growth Spurt, was designed as one of those modular games. I don't know what I'm going to do with FoS now that that's fallen by the wayside.