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posted Nov 4, 2009, 1:41 PM by Paul At Regret Games   [ updated Jan 22, 2010, 9:23 AM by Arnold Cassell ]


And so it was that RoundCon arose from the ashes. You heard right:  Columbia's own gaming convention is back, and it's happening this Friday. Arnold's not able to make it, so I'm soloi
ng Steam City Saga with sessions of Dogs in the VineyardGeiger CounterIngenuous, and Little Fears. I've put out an offer to run other indie games as demand arises, but we'll see how it plays out.

Speaking of Steam City Saga, we had a total blast at Dragon*Con, and once the weekend's over, we'll be putting together a big write-up on it. Apparently, the whole saga thing's got legs: Nathan Paoletta responded to Arnold's description of it pretty favorably. With the write-up, we should be able to paint a nice picture of how it works and how it worked in practice.

But why stop there! Our next saga is Yggdrasil's Shadow, and we're debuting it at this year's MACE. Here's the copy Arnold wrote for it:

For all the people of the earth, the Creator has planted a Sacred Tree, Yggdrasil, under which they may gather, and there find healing, power, wisdom and security. But another tree grows, and it bears fruits which call out to the dark parts the human soul. It nurtures things which hide in shadow, it changes men, and it competes with Yggdrasil.

It wants no name, and is only referred to as Yggdrasil's Shadow. These stories follow it's roots through human past, and stories of those who have succumbed to it's call.
You can find its listing on the MACE website at the bottom of this page. We're scheduled to run five sessions in which we'll take players from the beginning of the world as we know it to the old west, and possibly beyond. We're accomplishing this using GanakagokUnending RiverAnnaliseIngenuous, and Dogs in the Vineyard. I can't wait to see how it turns out.


Dragon*Con is on the horizon! Arnold and I have revamped Steam City Saga for D*C and I'm psyched about it, not only because the centerpiece is a two-table concurrent game of Little Fears in the Undercity, but also because two of the chapters are my newest game, Ingenuous. At the moment, the Saga includes Dogs in the VineyardGeiger CounterCold CityIngenuousLittle Fears, and Maid. Check out the Dragon*Con Gaming page to search for event descriptions.

I'm also running one non-Steam City session at Dragon*Con and it's (you guessed it) Garage BandMaggie is scheduled to run a game of Geiger Counter (and in my Monsterville setting, no less!) about a spooky prom night, so we thought it'd be fun if my GB session was the story of the band playing that prom. Like Steam City, what happens in my game will affect hers (since mine's scheduled earlier than hers), and I think it'll be way fun. Maggie's also running another session of Geiger, two sessions of Little Fears, and even my very own Unending River on Monday, which means I may be able to play in one of my own games for the first time ever.

And a handful of other notes:
  • Little Fears: Nightmare Edition is officially in closed beta, and Jason Blair's doing a weekly preview of it at Flames Rising. We should all celebrate.
  • Arnold's agreed to work with me on Ingenuous in order to make it into a complete game and setting, and if we can finish in time, we might even bring a few printed copies with us to Dragon*Con.
  • I've thrown something on the Downloads page that very few people will enjoy: a revision I did to the second edition rules for Exalted. Note the version number, however, and know that I've got further revisions in mind for the future.


Two notes! First, TurboCon was so much fun we're doing it again. It'll be in the same place as last time and although it's still invite-only, the invitation list is slightly changed, so if you want some information, email Maggie or myself.

Second, I'm registered to attend ConCarolinas about a month after TurboCon. I'm collaborating with Arnold on a six-part linked-session story that we're calling Steam City Saga (page down until you see the big cog). All six sessions share the Steam City setting, and while they can be played as self-contained scenarios, they're meant to be chapters of a larger story. Moreover, the events of one session can affect all the sessions that come after it. Arnold and I've worked hard to plan this sucker out, and I think it's going to be a blast.


RoundCon is dead, at least for 2009. So my friend Maggie is hosting TurboCon, an invite-only mini-convention at her family's house in Turbeville, SC. If you're one of the incredible creatures who reads this site but doesn't know about TurboCon yet, take a look at the site and email Maggie or myself for the skinny.


MACE is go! I'm not running Monsterville or Little Fears (although I've got an idea for a new LF scenario -- wait until RoundCon). Instead, I've got a Hunter: The Reckoning game on Friday afternoon, Unending River in the GM Improv Contest on Friday night, and an inexplicable game of Big Breasts, Small Waist Saturday at midnight. I'm playing in the live-action Treasure Quest game on Saturday afternoon, as well, so I'm expecting a fun weekend.


It's been two years since my last visit to MACE in North Carolina, and I'm going again this year. I want to run Little Fears (of course) and Unending River and Monsterville if I can get them finished. We shall see!