Ultimate WoD

If you're familiar with White Wolf's World of Darkness, it's likely you know that there used to be another one, the old World of Darkness (OWoD). Starting with Vampire: The Masquerade and spanning more than a decade, the many, many supplements made the WoD a lot of fun. Even if you didn't have a particular favorite game(s), you could probably respect the idea and the setting.

When the new World of Darkness arrived, I hated the system. My familiarity with the old games (and with the first edition of White Wolf's Exalted, which I still believe to be one of the best systems of its kind) had given me high expectations, and they were pretty well dashed. I knew some of the precepts of the new world: to make the games a modular add-on to the core Storytelling system; to balance and unify the mechanics and power levels from game to game; to simplify the cosmology. I was really surprised by the direction White Wolf had taken, and while I won't call it bad, I didn't like it.

So, as usual, I tried to do better.  I wanted to retain the feel of the old World of Darkness while still incorporating the ideas I mentioned above (modular design, unified systems, simplified cosmology). I took some ideas from Exalted (which appears to have influenced the new WoD's dice mechanic as well) and there were parts of the Storytelling system that I did like, so I included them, too.

Fans of the OWoD may or may not like Ultimate WoD, so named as kind of a jab at Marvel's Ultimate lines. There are a bunch of details that I've consolidated or scrapped outright in consideration of the above goals. If I killed your favorite Tradition or deemphasized your favorite venue (Changeling comes to mind), that's unfortunate, but luckily the company which actually owns the rights to these games is still printing most of them in some fashion.

Speaking of which, I pretend no ownership of the properties I'm remaking. If you're interested in the real World of Darkness, visit White Wolf's website; should they discover these pages, I hope they're taken as the result of my many years enjoyment and fandom. Thanks for all your good work.

Note: I dropped all mechanical inferface with Mind's Eye Theatre, the WoD LARP system. I don't really care about it so I'm not interested in creating some form of compatibility. Maybe I'll change my mind one day, but probably not.

What you need to play
A character sheet, a pencil, and upwards of 10d10.
Paul At Regret Games,
Jan 14, 2012, 1:45 AM