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These are the fundamental roles and categories expressed in your Nature and Destiny.  Your Nature describes your true identity; your Destiny describes the role you're fated to play in the lives of others.  Mechanically, Nature can help you regain Willpower and Destiny can reduce the difficulty of a Humanity roll.

Nature and Destiny can be the same – maybe indicating a purely-expressed or purposeful life – but they often aren't.  Choose Archetypes that best suit your concept from the list below.
  • Architect Applicable when you create something of lasting value.
  • Autocrat Applicable when you gain control over a situation involving others.
  • Bon Vivant Applicable when you enjoy yourself to the utmost in some significant, novel way.
  • Bravo Applicable when you get your way through intimidation or brute force.
  • Caregiver Applicable when you successfully nurture or protect someone else in an important way.
  • Celebrant Applicable when you pursue your passion in a remarkable way.
  • Child Applicable when you convince someone to cater to your demands with no gain for themselves.
  • Conformist Applicable when someone else achieves their goal with your steadfast support.
  • Conniver Applicable when you trick someone into doing something for you.
  • Critic Applicable when you detect a significant, dangerous flaw that others missed.
  • Curmudgeon Applicable when you successfully predict that someone will do something stupid.
  • Deviant Applicable when you openly defy social mores with no retribution.
  • Explorer Applicable when you make a significant discovery.
  • Fanatic Applicable when you accomplish a task that advances your pet cause in a major way.
  • Gambler Applicable when you take a big risk and succeed against the odds.
  • Gallant Applicable when you successfully dazzle another person.
  • Judge Applicable when you reconcile dissenting parties through reason.
  • Leader Applicable when your leadership causes a group to succeed at a difficult task.
  • Loner Applicable when a lone achievement of yourself nevertheless benefits your group.
  • Martyr Applicable when you endure a great sacrifice for another's gain or for the sake of your ideals.
  • Monster Applicable when you indulge in significant malignancy for its own sake.
  • Paragon Applicable when you inspire someone by successfully acting for the greater good.
  • Pedagogue Applicable when you discover that someone significantly benefited from your teachings.
  • Penitent Applicable when you feel you have redeemed yourself of a major grievance.
  • Perfectionist Applicable when you flawlessly archive a major goal.
  • Rebel Applicable when you deal a significant blow to some prominent authority.
  • Rogue Applicable when you significantly profit from your selfishness.
  • Savant Applicable when your rational,systematic approach solves a significant problem.
  • Survivor Applicable when you survive a threatening situation through tenacity.
  • Traditionalist Applicable when you succeed by sticking to old, proven ways of doing things.
  • Trickster Applicable when your humor lifts the spirits of others in an important way.
  • Visionary Applicable when you convince others to follow the course of action inspired by your vision.