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Character Creation

Step One: Top of the Sheet

Choose your name, concept, Nature, and Destiny.  Right on.

Step Two: Attributes

You get a free dot in every Attribute.  Now prioritize your categories (Physical, Social, Mental) and distribute extra dots amongst them (5/4/3).

Step Three: Abilities

All your Abilities start with no dots.  Priorities your categories (Talents, Skills, Knowledges) and distribute your dots (11/7/4).  No Ability can have a rating higher than ••• at this point.

Step Four: Advantages

Choose Backgrounds (7) and Merits (5). No Background rating can exceed ••• at this point.

Step Five: Final Touches

You start with Humanity ••••• •.  Roll a die and add the result in specks.  This means a roll of 7 gives you Humanity ••••• ••, as usual.

Your Willpower begins at 3.

You have 25 freebie points to spend.

Trait Cost
Attribute 5
Ability 2
Background 1 (2 if above •••)
Merit 1
Humanity 1
Willpower 2

Your Initiative equals your Dexterity + Wits.  Your Speed is Strength + Dexterity + 5 yards.