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Here lies your arsenal.

Melee Weapons

Weapon Damage Concealability
Sap +1B Pocket
Club +2B Trench coat
Knife +1L Jacket
Sword +2L Trench coat
Small axe +2L Trench coat
Large axe +3L No way
Stake +1L Trench coat
Blunt weapons do bashing damage unless aimed at the head.

Ranged Weapons

Weapon Damage Range Rate Clip Concealability Special
Light revolver 4L Short 3 6+1 Pocket
Heavy revolver 6L Medium 2 6+1 Jacket
Light pistol 4L Short 4 17+1 Pocket Three-round burst
Heavy pistol 5L Medium 3 7+1 Jacket Three-round burst
Rifle 8L Long 1 5+1 Nope
Small SMG 4L Short 3 30+1 Jacket Full auto
Large SMG 4L Medium 3 30+1 Trench coat Full auto
Assault rifle 7L Long 3 42+1 Nope Full auto
Shotgun 8L Short 1 5+1 Trench coat
Semi-automatic shotgun 8L Short 3 8+1 Trench coat
Crossbow 5L Short 1 1 Trench coat *
Targets beyond the weapon's range incur penalties.
The rate is the maximum number of attacks you may make with the weapon when taking multiple actions.
*Crossbows require five full turns to reload but can be used to stake a target; this incurs the normal staking penalty.


Type Rating Penalty
One (reinforced clothing) 1 0
Two (armor T-shirt) 2 1
Three (Kevlar vest) 3 1
Four (flak jacket) 4 2
Five (full riot gear) 5 3
Armor ratings contribute to your soak pool.  All armor may be used to soak bashing and lethal damage.
Any actions requiring speed, grace, finesse or the like (usually Dexterity) lose dice equal to the armor's penalty.