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Each Tradition is described with a general idea of its paradigm and possible foci.

Organized mages exist outside of the Seven Traditions – the Taftâni and the Ahl-i-Batin come to mind – but I'm not focusing on these Disparates.

Akashic Brotherhood

When mind and body are in harmony, the soul will follow. The microcosm of the mind is connected to the macrocosm of nature, and if you can find Balance with that Oneness, you can achieve anything. By taking a personal path to this understanding (as most do), Akashics strive to see past the illusory distinctions between themselves and the rest of the universe.
Specialty Sphere: Mind
Common foci: meditation, prayer, Do (a rigorous martial art), incense, song, purification rites, candles, holy symbols

Cult of Ecstasy

If perception shapes reality, what happens when perception is altered? All limits are self-imposed, and if they can be breached the doors of possibility are thrown open. Ecstatics are about change as a form of transcendence, so they alter their minds and bodies until their old reality has made way for a new one. Each new experience leads to another, and even if it isn't a pleasant one, it's always another step toward enlightenment.
Specialty Sphere: Time
Common foci: Music, sex, dance, drugs, exercise, fasting, mantra


Every object and creature and place in this world is alive. The spirit world is bound up in the workings of the material world, and if either side is neglected the other will suffer. Dreamspeaker shamans remember the connection between realms and honor the inhabitants of the Spirit Wilds and the Shadowlands.
Specialty Sphere: Spirit
Common foci: Fire, chanting, drumming, amulets, herbs, bones, fetishes

Order of Hermes

Even from the first words, symbols have had power, and as their uses have evolved formalized constructions, so too has that power developed a specific form. By correctly manipulating symbols – most powerfully the language Enochian – the rules of reality can be bent or broken. Hermetics make no bones about being magicians, sorcerers... indeed, mages. Magic is a real and graspable force, and if one can master the ritual and pattern required to control the symbols of it, one can attain mastery over anything.
Specialty Sphere: Forces
Common foci: Chanting (especially in Enochian or other ancient tongues), staves and wands, swords, seals, circles and written symbols

Sons of Ether

The more you learn, the more you realize that for every "fact," there's someone with a dissenting opinion and a good explanation to back it up. The same's true for science; that's why most of its best-known principles are still called theories and postulates. The possibilities are always being explored, and just as Arthur C. Clarke's Second Law states, "the only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible." Former Technocrats, the Sons of Ether believe in the truth of Clark's Third Law as well: that their Science is indistinguishable from magic, so why distinguish at all? Science has taken us this far, so let's see how far we can take it.
Specialty Sphere: Matter
Common foci: Specially-built devices, ether goggles, hand tools, schematics, computers, timepieces, mental disciplines, meters and gauges


Life is sacred, for from it springs everything. The power of blood, of pain, of growth and sex and sacrifice is visceral and real because of this connection. Life touches all and is touched by it. The witches, blood-shamans, and healers of the Verbena instigate that transaction, offering life for power and power for life.
Specialty Sphere: Life
Common foci: Altars, animal sacrifice, bloodletting, cauldrons, dance, incense, ordeals, chants, pentacles, cups

Virtual Adepts

If science is right and all the universe conforms to specific laws, then the only difference between it and a computer is the vastness of its processing capability. Every bit of the cosmos is simply a collection of parameters and values, and all it takes to control those bits is the act of editing those properties. Any form of processing – from computers to chalkboards to spoken language to flowcharts – can be used to transfer this Information from one location to another, and once transferred, it's changed.
Specialty Sphere: Correspondence
Common foci: Computers, programs, mathematics, hacking rituals, sensory gear, equipment of all types


Non-Tradition mages piece together their own paradigms from scraps of others, but all Orphans have their difference in common. They don't follow the same paradigm as other Awakened – even the Hollow Ones have their own particular brands of romantic nihilism – so they're free to make their own with whatever foci fit their personal beliefs. The price is that an Orphan doesn't have the strength of numbers that a Tradition mage can (usually) rely on.
Specialty Sphere: None
Common foci: varies wildly due to the disparity of beliefs. Hollow Ones often use blood, crystals, poetry, seances, runes, and all kinds of Victorian trappings

Other Traditions

Celestial Chorus

Believers that all is a shard of the original One and Prime, the Celestial Chorus have been lost to the world. It's believed that a massive ritual involving the entire Tradition went horribly awry, and almost every known member has since vanished. The few remaining Choristers are now Disparates.


Mages who focused on entropy and renewal, the former Chakravanti have fallen to the powers they once mastered. Rumors of betrayal or trickery on the part of the Nephandi are, as yet, unsubstantiated, but there's no denying the danger these Descent-obsessed former Traditionalists now pose.