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Character Creation

Step One: Top of the Sheet

As per mortals.  Then pick your clan (if you want one) and sect (if your Storyteller's allowing non-Camarilla characters).

Step Two: Attributes

After you divvy like mortals, take a free dot in any one Attribute.  How nice of me.

Step Three: Abilities

No changes from mortals.

Step Four: Advantages


You have 7 points and the same choices as mortals, plus a few more.
  • Haven A private place to call your own. Bigger havens typically need higher ratings. Attempts to locate or forcibly penetrate your haven have their difficulty increased by the successes of a Haven roll.
  • Herd You've "dug a well," setting yourself up with a reliable way to get blood. Add your Herd to feeding rolls.
  • Influence Similar to Status but requiring no [overt] membership, Influence represents subtle machinations and back-channel manipulations of an organization. If you also possess Status in the same organization, you may add your ratings when making rolls.
  • Status (Kindred) Status among the Kindred of your city.
Remember that no Background rating can exceed ••• at this point.


You begin play with 3 dots in Disciplines. One of these dots doesn't have to be the first dot of your clan's favored Discipline, but it probably is.


You have 4 points (7 if you're Caitiff). Choose from the mortal options and any of the below.
  • Efficient Metabolism Requires at least as many dots in Vitae. Add your Efficient Metabolism to your Vitae when calculating the length of time you can go between feedings. If you drink animal blood, roll your Efficient Metabolism – you're required to drink from [successes] fewer animals.
  • Flush of Health Requires at least as many dots in Vitae. Roll your Flush of Health each time you which to appear more human: adding color to your skin for a few moments, breathing without conscious effort for a scene, eating food (which provides no nourishment), even performing sexually. Add your Flush of Health to rolls made to hide your Kindred nature.
  • Kindred Lore Roll your Kindred Lore for vampire knowledge beyond what applies to you specifically. Without this Merit, you aren't aware (for example) of clan flaws besides your own, Discipline powers you don't have, Kindred history and power structures and the like... unless, of course, you learn such things through play.
  • Thaumaturgy Requires at least as many dots in Vitae, as well as membership in clan Tremere or a darn good story. You are able to use the secrets of blood magic. You may learn rituals with levels that don't exceed your Thaumaturgy at an Experience cost of [2 x the level of the ritual]. Performing a ritual usually requires an entire scene (though there are exceptions) and a Thaumaturgy roll, difficulty the level of the ritual. See the Disciplines page for more information.

Step Five: Final Touches

Just like mortals, you start with Humanity 6 plus one die of specks and Willpower 3.

Your Vitae begins at 3.

You have 15 freebie points to spend, with expanded choices.
Background1 (2 if above •••)
Discipline7 (5 if clan favored); 6 if you're Caitiff

Like mortals, your Initiative equals your Dexterity + Wits and your Speed is Strength + Dexterity + 5 yards.