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Character Creation

Step One: Top of the Sheet

As per mortals.  Then pick your Auspice (if you want one) and tribe (again, if you want one).

Step Two: Attributes

After you divvy like mortals, take a free dot in any one Attribute.  How nice of me.

Step Three: Abilities

No changes from mortals.

Step Four: Advantages


You have 7 points and the same choices as mortals, plus a few more.
  • Caern A holy place of spirit power. Caerns are often the site of werewolf septs and have a handful of uses.
    • The Gauntlet rating of a caern is 0.
    • Caerns have pathstones which allow for the opening of moon bridges (see the Crescent Moon ••• Gift). When opening a moon bridge, add the caern's rating to the activation roll. The moon bridge can cover the entire distance between two caerns or only part of it, linking to a moon bridge from the destination caern.
    • The size, defensibility, and advantage of location are proportional to a caern's rating, so add the successes of a Caern roll to the difficulty of attempts to locate or invade it.
  • Kinfolk The Delirium-immune siblings of werewolves. Contacts, loyal supporters, and friends in-the-know about Garou society and cosmology.
  • Rank Your level of respect and responsibility among the Garou. Add your Rank to rolls involving social interaction with Garou who are not Ronin.
  • Renown Much like Status, but applicable specifically within the Garou Nation and with some spirits.
Remember that no Background rating can exceed ••• at this point.


You begin play with 3 dots in Gifts, one of which is likely the first dot in your Auspice path (New Moon for Ragabash, Crescent Moon for Theurge, etc.), though it isn't required to be.


You have 4 points (7 if you're Inauspicious). Choose from the mortal options and any of the below.
  • Ancestors Once per story, you may meditate for a whole turn to contact your ancestors for guidance. On your next turn, add your Ancestors to a single Ability roll.
  • Animal Attraction Requires at least as many dots in Rage. You may roll your Animal Attraction to evoke primal sexual attraction in a normal human; add your successes as dice to "friendly" social rolls with that person for the rest of the scene. You can't use Animal Attraction on someone in whom you've induced the Delirium, and it can't overcome true love.
  • Garou Lore Roll your Garou Lore for werewolf knowledge beyond what applies to you specifically. Without this Merit, you aren't aware (for example) of why the Stargazers left the Western Concordiat, what fomori actually are, details of the War of Rage and the like. You could always ask an available elder, but they're only as forthcoming as they want to be.
  • Totem You are attuned to the totem spirit of your Tribe or to a common totem spirit. This Merit functions only as long as you obey your totem's Ban. See Gifts and Totems for more information.

Step Five: Final Touches

Just like mortals, you start with Humanity 6 plus one die of specks and Willpower 3.

Your Rage begins at 3.

You have 15 freebie points to spend, with expanded choices.
Background1 (2 if above •••)
Gift7 (5 if Auspice path); 6 if you're Inauspicious

Like mortals, your Initiative equals your Dexterity + Wits and your Speed is Strength + Dexterity + 5 yards.