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Gifts and Totems

You've found Gifts, as well as Totems. Congratulations.


Each path lists the Auspice associated with it (if any) and the Gifts that it includes.  Remember, activating a Gift requires a Rage roll at a difficulty equal to the Gift's rating.

When activating a Gift which allows the subject to resist, the difficulty of the activation roll is either the Gift's level or the subject's resistance successes, whichever is higher. For example, a spirit targeted by Crescent Moon •••• resists with Willpower and scores six successes, so the activation difficulty is 6; had the spirit scored only one success, the difficulty would have been 4 (the level of the Gift being employed).

Changing Moon

Each success lowers the difficulty of your shifting rolls for the scene.
•• Sense Triat
Allows you to sense the influence (or taint) of the Wyld, Weaver, or Wyrm on a subject or in an area, with extra successes letting you pinpoint it or identify its type.
••• Partial Change
You may shapeshift only one part of your body at a time, allowing you to use a claw attack in Homid, grow a pelt of fur for warmth in Glabro, shapeshift your forepaws into hands in Hispo, or even reconfigure your vocal chords for human speech in Lupus.  More complicated changes require more successes.
•••• Primal Anger
On her next turn, your target gains extra dice to her Rage roll equal to your successes.
••••• Luna's Blessing
For rest of the scene, carrying silver does not increase the difficulty of your target's Rage rolls for the scene. Alternately, your target gains a pool of dice equal to your successes with which she may soak silver damage for the rest of the scene.

Crescent Moon (Theurge)

• Step Sideways
You step sideways, entering the Penumbra.  The local Gauntlet rating is the difficulty of your roll (see Gauntlet on the Cosmology page: 0 for a Caern; 1 for deep wilderness, 2 for rural countryside, 3 for most places, 4 for the inner city, and 5 for a science lab).  Each extra successes allows you to lead a packmate into the Penumbra with you.
•• Spirit Speech
Allows you to communicate with encountered spirits.  Despite the name, your communication may be nonverbal.
••• Open Moon Bridge
Creates a moon bridge in a caern, allowing Garou to cross distances in a fraction of the time by taking a shortcut through the Umbra to another caern.  Add the caern's rating to your activation roll. The distance a moon bridge can cover is 1000 miles per success. A botch when activating this Gift not only triggers the usual frenzy but also scorches the caern's pathstone with badly-handled energies and taints the caern, transforming it into a nihil and back over the course of a lunar month.
•••• Command Spirit
You can manipulate encountered spirits, giving simple commands and expecting their compliance, though you cannot summon spirits by name or command spirits to leave areas or objects to which they have been bound.
••••• Bind Spirit
Binds a spirit to you, making it your servant.  The spirit contests this Gift with Willpower – no spirit allows itself to be bound unless it is friendly to the binding character's totem. Spirits can be bound into both objects or places.  Failure when activating this Gift likely causes the spirit to become hostile.

Full Moon (Ahroun)

• Spirit of the Fray
Add your successes to your Initiative for the scene.
•• Razor Claws
For the rest of the scene, your claw attacks do additional dice of damage equal to your activation successes.
••• Resist Pain
You may ignore all wound penalties (including Incapacitated) for a number of turns equal to your successes.
•••• Clenched Jaw
Your next successful clinch gains extra dice equal to your activation successes for as long as you maintain it.
••••• Silver Claws
Your claws transform into silver for the remainder of the scene.  This counts as carrying silver and so increases the difficulty of your Rage rolls by +1.

Gibbous Moon (Galliard)

• Beast Speech
You may speak to animals for the scene.  This won't change their disposition, but extra successes may allow for Storyteller leeway.
•• Rallying Cry
Your packmates gain a number of extra dice on their next turn's normal (i.e. not supernatural) action equal to your successes.
••• Snarl of the Predator
Contested with Willpower, you cow an opponent into quiescence.  The target may not attack: she may defend herself and otherwise act normally, although given the chance she will probably flee.
•••• Mental Speech
For the rest of the scene, you forge a telepathic bond between yourself and a number of packmates equal to your successes.  This may be distrupted if the distance between you and a packmate grows too large or indistinct, such as in Wyrm-tainted parts of the Umbra.
••••• Howl of Rage
On their next turn, all your packmates' Rage roll successes count double.

Half Moon (Philodox)

• Scent of the True Form
Allows you to determine what a subject really is.  The information is conveyed as an olfactory sensation – it actually is a scent of the target's true nature.  
•• Luna’s Truth
For the rest of the scene, gain your successes as extra dice on rolls to determine the veracity of spoken words.
••• Sooth the Savage Beast
For the rest of the scene, your target gains bonus dice equal to your successes to rolls to resist frenzy.  Alternately, if your target has succeeded at a Willpower roll to hold her frenzy in check until the beginning of the next scene, this Gift negates her need to frenzy, effectively resetting her.
•••• Weak Arm
Gain your successes as bonus dice to your next attack against a target opponent.
••••• Aura of Truce
For the scene, all creatures and spirits present lose dice equal to your activation successes from offensive actions. This is resisted with Willpower and ends when you take an offensive action yourself.

New Moon (Ragabash)

• Open Seal
You open any locked or closed device, though extra successes may be required for more complicated or powerful seals.
•• Blur the Milky Eye
For the rest of the scene, each success grants you a bonus die on rolls to remain hidden, even in plain sight – your form becomes a shimmering blur, allowing you to pass unnoticed among others.
••• Silence
For the rest of the scene, you cause all sounds made within yards of your presence equal to your successes to vanish into the Gauntlet.
•••• Taking the Forgotten
If you succeed in stealing something from a target, your victim will forget he ever possessed the stolen item for days equal to your net successes.  Resisted with Willpower.
••••• The Thousand Forms
For the rest of the scene, you assume the form of an animal between the sizes of a bird and a bison.  You gain all the natural abilities of that animal, though powerful and/or mythical creatures require extra successes.

Waning Moon

• Talisman Dedication
You may dedicate a number of items equal to your successes.  When you shift, you may choose whether or not dedicated items absorb into you. You may also activate this Gift to summon dedicated items from their absorption, appearing in your hand or next to you.
•• Smell of Man
All nearby creatures of the wild you lose dice equal to your successes from any pool that doesn't involve defending themselves or fleeing.  All nearby domestic animals recognize you as a friend and refuse to harm you unless you harm them first.
••• Tongues
For the remainder of the scene, you're able to comprehend and speak any language you hear, with secret or ancient languages requiring more successes.
•••• Assimilation
You appear to be exactly the sort of person onlookers expect to see, allowing you to assimilate yourself into a social situation without upsetting it.  This is resisted with onlookers' Willpower and is overridden by the Delirium.
••••• Part the Veil
You immunize a human to the effects of the Delirium for one scene.  The human will lose his memories of that scene if the Delirium is induced in him at a later date.

Waxing Moon

• Hare's Leap
Add your successes as extra dice to your jumping rolls for the scene.
•• Senses Of The Wolf
For the scene, gain extra dice on Perception rolls equal to your successes.
••• Scent of Sight
For the scene, your sense of smell completely compensates for your vision, allowing you to act in darkness or against invisible opponents normally (unless they've run through a stream or into a stinking alley or the like).
•••• Aura of Ferocity
Opponents who attack you lose dice from their attacks equal to your successes; they may resist this with Willpower.  You gain the same number of dice for applicable social rolls (Intimidation, Leadership for rabble rousing, etc.) but lose that many dice on all other social rolls.
••••• Invoke the Delirium
Target immediately succumbs to the Delirium. This is resisted with Willpower (difficulty your successes) and has no effect on Garou, spirits, or any other targets immune to the Delirium.


Each totem is listed with the benefits granted to loyal Garou and its Ban –  the strictures of behavior to which followers must adhere or lose their totem's favor.

Tribal Totems

Only Garou of the indicated Tribe may select one of these totems.

Pegasus (Black Furies)

Benefits: When making Willpower rolls while aiding the disempowered, 10s count as two successes. Once per chapter, add your Totem as dice to an Animal Ken roll.
Ban: Always speak your mind, directly and forcefully, no matter how dangerous or unpopular your idea. You must never fail to protect wild and sacred places.

Rat (Bone Gnawers)

Benefits: When making Willpower rolls while fighting subversively – to weaken, cripple, or overwhelm, rather than simply to harm – 10s count as two sucesses. Once per chapter, add your Totem as dice to a Stealth roll.
Ban: Always live amongst the poor and common people. You must never maintain a Resources or Fortune rating above •, or avail yourself personally of an equivalent amount of money.

Unicorn (Children of Gaia)

Benefits: When making Willpower rolls while defusing or resolving conflict, 10s count as two successes. Once per chapter, add your Totem as dice to an Empathy roll.
Ban: Always give succor to the weak and exploited. You must never fail to protect the the natural world when you are able.

Stag (Fianna)

Benefits: When making Willpower rolls while enduring hardship, 10s count as two successes. Once per chapter, add your Totem as dice to a Survival roll.
Ban: Always demonstrate respect toward prey, including opponents. You must never fail to aid the creative when you are able.

Fenris (Get of Fenris)

Benefits: When making Willpower rolls while combating a greater foe, 10s count as two successes. Once per chapter, add your Totem as dice to an Initiative roll.
Ban: Always accept the offer of a worthy fight. You must never demonstate weakness in battle.

Cockroach (Glass Walkers)

Benefits: When making Willpower rolls while exhibiting persistence, 10s count as two successes. Once per chapter, add your Totem as dice to a Computer roll.
Ban: Always remain integrated with the human world. You must never hesitate to adapt to change.

Owl (Silent Striders)

Benefits: When making Willpower rolls while interacting with spirits or the dead, 10s count as two successes. Once per chapter, add your Totem as dice to an Investigation roll.
Ban: Always explore new and unknown places. You must never allow emotion to overcome wisdom in your decisions.

Falcon (Silver Fangs)

Benefits: When making Willpower rolls while actively leading your pack, 10s count as two successes. Once per chapter, add your Totem as dice to a Leadership roll.
Ban: Always comport yourself with nobility. You must never break an oath or promise to your allies or subordinates.

Uktena (Uktena)

Benefits: When making Willpower rolls while in direct conflict with the unknown, 10s count as two successes. Once per chapter, add your Totem as dice to an Occult roll.
Ban: Always seek out mystical lore, places, spirits and objects. Never allow minions of the Wyrm to steal or claim these things.

Common Totems

Any Garou, regardless of Tribe, may select one of the following totems.