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The Impergium split the One Tribe into many, and the ones who remain form the Garou Nation. Joining a tribe is a matter of voluntary societal bonds strengthened by the patronage of a powerful totem. Young Garou often join the tribe of their ancestors, although there is no requirement to do so. When a cub undergoes her Rite of Passage, the totems of those initiating her decide whether she is an acceptable candidate; if she accepts a totem in return, she becomes part of its tribe.

Each Tribe is listed with a description of its typical membership and totem spirit.

Black Furies

A tribe composed almost entirely of women, the Black Furies are staunch defenders of the Wyld. They value personal empowerment and interdependence, and honor is their guiding virtue. Defenders, protectors, and egalitarians all.
Tribal TotemPegasus

Bone Gnawers

It's easy to connect to humanity when poverty's stripped away everything that separates you. Members of this urban tribe are the dregs of Garou society but, as they see it, everyone is equal at the bottom. They have no time for artificial status and pecking orders; the only thing that matters is what you can contribute. Homeless werewolves digging through garbage. Seriously.

Tribal Totem: Rat

Children of Gaia

The tribe whose concerted efforts ended the Impergium, the Children of Gaia have ever been peaceful warriors and mediators. If they can resolve a situation with understanding rather than bloodshed, they've done a good work. No other tribe as a whole shares their commitment to the betterment of humanity. You know what they say about peacemakers.
Tribal Totem: Unicorn


Primarily of Celtic descent, the Fianna are artists, revelers, and warriors known best for both passion and toughness. Lovers and fighters, Fianna are convivial and fierce, and never do things by halves. Their mystical ties to the fae are weaker now, but they believe those spirits of dream and inspiration live on in the songs of their tribe.
Tribal TotemStag

Get of Fenris

The Get of Fenris are of a bloody, savage, fatalistic bent. Luckily for them, their martial nature serves in proving their view to their enemies. Proud and brave and strong, the Get see themsleves as the vanguard in the war against the Wyrm. Their previous chauvinism has cooled as much as the sexism of the Furies, and now Fenrir of all types are welcome to earn their share of glory.
Tribal Totem: Fenris

Glass Walkers

As wolves among the sheep, the Glass Walkers have always lived among their human wards. Having embraced the fruits of the Weaver, their love of technology is unparalleled among the Garou, and the caerns they dedicate in fast-paced, fast-changing human cities are as sacred to Gaia as any in the wilderness.
Tribal TotemCockroach

Silent Striders

The wandering Silent Striders are travelers and seekers par excellence. They have trod the paths of even the Dark Umbra in their search for the hidden, and their tribe has a certain mystery about them. The price they pay is heavy – they have no true home to call their own, and every place they arrive they will eventually leave – but life's the journey, right? Note: Silent Striders may not take the Ancestors Merit.
Tribal Totem: Owl

Silver Fangs

Noblest of the tribes, the Silver Fangs are proud leaders. Strong and charismatic, the Fangs count among their ancestors some of the greatest Garou in history. Because of their emphasis on nobility and lineage, however, their tribe has the highest rate of Harano. Since the fall of the Shadow Lords, the Silver Fangs' claim to lead the Garou has less opposition than ever.
Tribal TotemFalcon


Eclectic and ethnically diverse, the Uktena are spiritualists and knowledge-seekers to a one. The last tribe of the former Pure Lands, they labor tirelessly to protect and mystical from both the banal and the profane. Their affinity for the enigmatic guides them above all else.
Tribal TotemUktena

Other Tribes

Red Talons
Shadow Lords