Remember when you were young, and you were afraid of all those things that went bump in the night?

Ever wonder where they went?

-- Little Fears, back cover

Written by Jason L. Blair and released by his Key 20 Publishing in 2001, Little Fears is a game about childhood in a world where everything you used to be afraid of is real and the only thing that can save you is your belief in yourself. Just reading the book is great fun, and when I found it at my FLGS in early 2002, I couldn't put it down. I've run it so many times that it's become one of the games for which I'm known, and it rarely disappoints.

LF2 is a collection of mechanical tweaks to the rules of Little Fears intended to make it run more smoothly. In no way do I pretend that I have any rights to this material; I mean LF2 as an homage to Mr. Blair's fine game. Should he discover this modification, I hope he likes it.

This is not something I did all on my own. S. Dunn and M. Thies deserve credit, and M. Thies altered the character sheets to fit with the rules changes.

What you need to play

Little Fears by Jason L. Blair, the updated rules in the two links below, an updated character sheet (front and back), a pencil, and no more than 3d6 per player.