Puerca Blanca

A transplant from a humid and far-flung southern land, Puerca Blanca is a quiet pig. She prefers to sit demurely, allowing others to speak, waiting her turn. She is conversant... in technology. (Also, Spanish.) Always polite, always just so. Is she a mute? SHE IS A LADY.

Our Lady In White enjoys wordplay, space, and delicious index cards. What we say, she remembers. Behold.

DragonCon 2021 (September 3-6, 2021)

  • Hey, is that a kitchen?

  • It's a very localized apocalypse.

  • We'll accept your deal of having muscles.

  • How tall are adults?

  • My grandfather says Vienna sausages and Zero bars make good fishing bait. I wasn't going to mention it, but...

  • I'm eight feet tall, unkillable, and passed out in my own piss.

Dragon*Con 2019 (August 29 - September 2, 2019)

  • "Just like my grandmother used to say, 'just because you're selling someone turtle eggs doesn't mean they're going to buy them.'" "What is a turtle?!"

  • These root vegetables are going down.

  • You're bumping into shelves like an unruly Roomba.

Cheese Wedge Special: Extra Life 2018 (November 3, 2018)

Paul: When you have enough AC, you don't need feats!

Abigail: In life, we're only guaranteed life. In death, there's no reason why I can't die!

Paul: Great to know; terrible to imagine.

Abigail: I have a plus ten... oh, I have a plus *zero* Diplomacy. I did *not* read that correctly.

Paul: It disappears, because corpses disappear.

Stan (disappointed): Aw.

Paul: This is not the kind of role-playing I planned for. It's only the kind I dreamt of.

Stan: If you suggest you want to ride me, you may get a suggestion of "sure."

Dragon*Con 2018 (August 30 - September 3, 2018)

  • I'm a little bit curious. Can I use your rock?

  • The other nice thing is: fire makes light.

  • There's all these pictures of kids. There's got to be Gogurt in there.

  • If you guys weren't hungry, Davey would still be alive today! I gave you some Hubba Bubba!

  • Oo, pigs!

  • I have the perfect alibi: I'm boring.

  • "We're getting closer to Ready Player One!" "Yeah, but it'll be closer to Reddit Player One."

  • When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like fermented walrus milk.

  • These polar bears are gangsters!

  • I was so mad! But only in a miniscule way.

Cheese Wedge XVII (June 16, 2018)

Robbie: I want five Cheese Points for free.

Micah: You don't have any money.

Robbie holds up a single dollar.

Micah: Oh wow, a dollar.

Abigail: I want to ask him if I can eat his pie.

Abigail: I'm comic relief! That's the most important part!

Jonathan: I have a bow, but attacking seems so passé.

Paul: How dare you hurt the monkey!

Abigail: Power attack it.

Bill: All you've done is kill animals.

Abigail: No, I killed a person!

Michael: I cast see invisibility.

Paul: You see your unseen servant. You're struck blind by its ugliness. Man was not meant to see such a thing.

NashiCon 2018 (March 23-25, 2018)

  • "What do 3rd graders read? Call of the Wild?" "No, third graders read Breath of the Wild."

  • You guys just see me open this cookie and pass out.

  • Since I'm the only one who hasn't peed myself yet, can I?

  • We're kind of like food!

  • That's how you get disease. I'm a steam engine mechanic. I know how it works.

  • Well, at least we'll be arrested for something interesting.

  • On the bright side, I get to go back home to my toaster.

Cheese Wedge XVI (September 16, 2017)

Abigail: I'm stupid. I don't have to be funny.

Robbie: Dad, you're gonna hate me.

Bill: I already do.

Abigail: Can I just die so I can come back not as Good?

Cheese Wedge XV (June 17, 2017)

Abigail: DUUUDE, do you know how hard it was for me to choose between my friends and the Cheese Wedge?

Paul: What he's doing is basically like going into the open maw of a dragon.

Michael: You've got to have faith.

Bill: I ask permission of the gazebo to have a nice day in the park. (Rolls a natural 20) With my Diplomacy modifier, that's a 19!

Jonathan: Suddenly, behind the trolls, there's a thud. And they turn and see a projector screen, and it's showing post from Reddit that says, "Guys, I would really love it if someone could critique my screenplay."

Bill: If I'm this good at not getting hit, I'm probably good at other things.

Abigail: (regarding her father's character's death) It's like a precious shiny box handed to me on Christmas.

Paul: Salazar says, "You know this tournament is voluntary, right?"

Bill: Not when your kid makes you come.

Abigail: If I'm in the finals, I will kill someone so hard.

NashiCon 2017 (March 31-April 2, 2017)

  • I have the wisdom of Solomon. I know exactly how to handle that. I pull out a machete.

  • Yes, let's go to another house and pee ourselves.

  • That can't be my diary - I'm illiterate!

Cheese Wedge XIV (September 17, 2016)

Robbie: I'll use a cheese point for him!

Bill: Why are you doing this?

Paul: Because he's not paying for them.

Bill: It's his allowance money.

Robbie realizes and takes his cheese point back.

Abigail: It's a dragon. It's like the size of a gazebo. Imagine the damage it can do.

Stan: I may be dating a lizard.

Abigail: It's not fair she gets to do that!

Bill: It's perfectly fair – her parents love her more.

Cheese Wedge XIII (June 18, 2016)

Robbie: How long am I evil?

Paul: Forever.

Robbie: Until I die?

Paul: Yeah, until you die.

Robbie. ... someone kill me!

Bill: I paid the cover charge. Rolls a Bluff check, stares, then uses a Sharp Cheddar point.

Jonathan: I give Salazar free Cinemax.

Paul: Gnomesy says "I want unknown hands in the dark to make me feel good!"

Jasper: Oh, that's like thirty... eight.

Paul: You're suddenly covered in Vaseline and nobody knows why.

Abigail: Maybe you can blind him with your uniform.

Michael: I'm going to step back five feet and deploy a bear trap in front of me.

Robbie: I am going to Perception check, just so I know a lot.

Cheese Wedge XII (September 12, 2015)

Maya: Can I be Nikki Minaj? I mean, theoretically, could that work?

Kevin: I wish we were all in the next room.

Everyone: NOOO!

Paul: He's a cubic wolf.

Paul: What do you do for your round of prep?

Brooklyn: Can I get married?

Maya: You always say hypothetically before you DON'T DO SOMETHING!

Blake: The golem has already threatened us with threatening gazes.

Paul: Does a steak avoid a grill? Not in my experience.

Blake: (playing a cleric) You mean I can burst heal?

Abigail: I love being a child. <3

Paul: What's the spell you cast every time?

Maya: Uh... Speed running! Long fast!

Paul: Longstrider.

Maya: fevered nodding

MoatCon 4 (December 11-13, 2015)

  • Tell me the story of this dice pool.

  • Are you human, or French?

  • There's no removin' love, cousin.

  • I ferociously dismiss his heroism.

  • (punctuated with punches) RE. PAINT. THIS. ROOM.

  • Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Righty tighty, lefty loosey... oh.

Dragon*Con 2015 (September 3-7, 2015)

  • Wow, that is impressive. Chicken capitol of the world.

  • It's not of an impolite width.

  • I'm tired of his cursive.

  • "We're gonna argue a matter of theology." "Dragon*Con!"

  • It's a uter-US, not a uter-me.

  • I would be happy to clean chamber pots any time!

  • 300 gold? That's great! It reminds me of a time... Yes, I remember it well. Anyway... yes.

  • Get your muddy boots out of my O.R..

  • Is there a Werewolf game in there? Is there a secret Werewolf game in there?

  • "Did you go down a fire pole?" "No, I went down the stairs, but they don't go down, they go sideways." "... did you go up a fire pole?"

  • Windows are see-through before you break them.

  • I don't mind shimmyin'!

Firefly Fridays (April 7, 2015)

  • "Just because you would fall down near a mulberry bush DOES NOT mean that is what people do to mulberry bushes." "Well, we did."

  • Are you on a last syllable basis with Ganondorf?

  • A woman enters victors room and says she loves him. "That's easy – she's after your money."

  • I understand the nutritional value human flesh offers.

  • Explain this to me as though you were talking to me.

  • Do not mess with me! I am literally the harsh light of day right now!

Cheese Wedge X (September 13, 2014)

Paul: (loads the gazebo room) Everyone's favorite!

General groaning.

Stan: Actually, I'm just going to keep pounding away at the gazebo.

Michael: The Gazebo doesn't have ears!

Maya: Then why'd you talk to it?!

Maya: (for her round of prep) Magical pretty girl transformation mage armor!

Abigail: (People are discussing how various Planeteers would react to Maya lying to them.) WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?!

Paul: Do you rage?

Abi: I don't think so.

Paul: That doesn't sound like the Lady Barbarian I know.

Abi: I'm trying to be smart.

Maya: Bulbasaur, you dingus!

Paul: How are you feeling?

Stan: Well, I'm dominated, so...

Paul: Will, was it Callonesque who died?

Will: Yeah, what else does he do well?

Dragon*Con 2014 (August 28 - September 1, 2014)

  • Continuity is power.

  • As an elderly man, I am quite old, and I am aware of that.

  • Someone has inserted themselves into my yurt.

  • Actually, I have been punked!

  • "Goat bird?" That's another holiday.

  • Is that Penguintron you just rode in on?

  • Yeah! I like my ladies blind!

  • "The village discovers gossip." "Nah, dude, I already live here."

  • I ask if it is acceptable to tickle her chin with my beard.

  • I shall briefly endure the idea of hag love.

  • He knows better than to go hitting on random princesses.

  • You can't fight in a skirt. You've gotta fight in underwear.

  • The Marriott lobby on Sunday night is slash fiction. The rest of "this hotel is science fiction." Ray Bradbury.

Cheese Wedge IX (June 21, 2014)

Pete: Wetting myself sounds real good right now.

Max: There's no way I can unpiss him off. Wait, do I have Diplomacy? checks sheet Yeah, there's no way I'm unpissing him off.

Liz: Aw, man, I gotta behead this guy.

Paul: You feel safe. It's a bad feeling, but you feel it.

Jason: I cheese point with him.

Stan: But I just got this +5 dagger!

Erik: I should have spent more time drinking potions.

Abigail: I'm going to take my sword and kill him by trying.

Abigail: Daddy! It's your friend the skeleton! It's your friend the skeleton!!!

Jason: He was a skeleton with a knife until he took a sack to the face.

Max: I go up to the dragon and say, "Hey, what's up, bro?" But I don't really say that.

Jason: I use my move action to pull out my ointment of fly. I use my standard to slather myself in sweet, sweet fly.

Stan: I'll delay until he tugs as well.

Abigail: Eat death, zombie!

Abigail: Zombies, eat my brains! It's worse than nothing!

Cheese Wedge VIII (April 19, 2014)

Paul's Dad (off being invited to come play): No, that's okay. Y'all been doing this so long, I don't want to come along and beat you. I don't know much about those 18-sided dice.

Abigail: Yeah! Another barbarian! You should rage a lot. It's so useful.

Dani: Oh, no. The entire room is made of spears.

Jonathan: Are all the dwarves large now? Spectacular!


Will: I delay for the sorcerer to make a Knowledge roll

Eric: I have no knowledge. All I know is fire.

Doug: That must be the first time I've seen a crowbar related death.

Stephan: I reroll with my shirt.

Paul is bewildered. Stephan points to his shirt.

Paul: That's a Pathfinder Society shirt.

Stephan: It's worth a reroll.

Firefly Fridays (March 9, 2014)

  • Why does it make you so happy that I have an inept tongue?

  • There are many activities that are better done when the body is limp and docile.

  • "Toothpaste? What happens when you have no teeth, sir?" "There are other bones."

  • We then search for lovers in the forest.

  • I actually invented the moon.

  • My daughter is very manly. And you are very feminine. Like my daughter!

  • I think that I found out that you are me.

  • Corn is money, and it's also corn.

  • "So, how do you feel about the world ending tomorrow?" "Suck."

Cheese Wedge Special: Scarab 2014 (January 18-19, 2014)

Jonathan: I hit on the salamander. What's her Charisma score?

Paul: 18.

Jonathan: Uh, yeah! Wait, uh, wait... no.

Paul: You know you're walking amid burning gnomes corpses.

Michael (as a paladin): That doesn't really bother me

Abigail: Tell them that I am bigger than them and if they keep doing that, I will punch them in the face!

Jonathan: I look up at where Salazar's watching us. I wink at him... and now we begin.

Paul (as leprechaun): Can I offer you all a wish?

Abigail: NOOO!!

Bill: That doesn't hit. I missed a building. Okay.

Jonathan: If you delay a round, it will really make my illusion pop.

Abigail: I turn into rage.

Paul D.: I'm fondling my dice; do you mind?

Paul: I... I don't.

Bill: Gnomesy can only be hit by buildings and the Hulk.

Cheese Wedge VII (September 14, 2013)

Paul: Do you inspire the skeleton?

Amanda: Sure...?

Jonathan: With how high they are, I might have to role Knowledge (planes).

Erick: The fort was awesome. It cured my blindness

Douglas: Can I use my Diplomacy to convince Death to give me two cards for free?

Paul: Yes, you can!

Erick: I pull out my axe and try to develop laser vision. I got an 8.

Lon: I can't go forward with levitate?

Paul: No, that's called fly.

Lon: I can't... lean forward and catch a breeze?

Erick: I'm going to caress the door inappropriately.

Jason: What does the fox say?


Jason: I'm pretty sure that's what the Tobes says when there's a TPK.

Erick: That brings up several questions, like, 'What is America?,' and 'What is the republican party?'

Jonathan: The xills know. That's all that matters.

Dragon*Con 2013 (August 29 - September 2, 2013)

  • I need help with a bad name. 'Mantooth?' No, Mantooth is a cool name.

  • You know that power of being the only one in a hallway? Yeah – I wanna feel that.

  • The ducks... need us?

  • As a friend of beards, I hope your beards are long and prosperous.

  • That is not a bike. That is adorable.

  • He wanders drunkenly up and insults the walruses.

  • Yesterday, I got out of bed just to hate that kid. Today, I'm gonna love him just as hard.

  • "No biting." "No promises."

  • We're a little hexed around the edges, but... meh!

Cheese Wedge VI (June 15, 2013)

Dave: Will it give me partial cover?

Paul: HAA HA HA... no.

Jason (serious as the grave): If you cheese point with me, I will turn around on my next turn and kill you.

Will: Big Mo! It's showtime! Oh... no... I'm inside him. I don't like this at all.

Jason: I pick up the large pie, and I take a big 'ole bite. I go into a rage. "I HATE POISENBERRY!"

Stephen: What do I need? A 30? I made it. Whatever.

Jason: Sorry about your pie. I wish to buy it.

Paul: He's immune to fireball and nothing else. He treats crossbow bolts as little fireballs.

ConCarolinas 2013 (May 31 - June 2, 2013)

  • Some kind of... polter-ization.

  • The most ominous punctuation.

  • That's the most beautiful instance of child abuse I've ever heard.

  • Bear-oin.

  • Seven bears? But my revolver only has six bullets!

  • I need to un-bubblegum my wife.

Cheese Wedge V (May 18, 2013)

Andy: I'm going to Cheese point

Paul: With whom?

Max (with exasperation): Guess!

Max: He said to look within ourselves. I rip into Andy's chest.

Andy resignedly holds up a Cheese Point.

Andy: I didn't think I was going to poop my pants, but I did! We were all surprised.

Firefly Fridays (May 11, 2013)

  • That sounds like a thing I'm not.

  • You can boop me anywhere but, so help me, if you boop my feet you will be counter-booped.

  • She's in China doing Asian things... like math!

Firefly Fridays (April 5, 2013)

  • The show where they go to space... and get lost... Lost in Space!

  • "It's Jason; he'll like it." <later> Jason: "I like it."

  • "I'm choking on my water." "That's called drowning."

Firefly Fridays (February 22, 2013)

  • "Let's Google what's wrong with you." "... it's a gunshot wound."

  • "Was it the water or the stabbing that killed it?" "It was probably a combination of both."

Cheese Wedge IV (February 16, 2013)

Jonathan: Click on the beach ball!

Katie: How do I click?!

Paul: It makes a plant noise.

Maya: "Photosyyyynthesiiize."

Jared: Whoa, how did it heal itself?

Maya: Photosynthesis!

Firefly Fridays (February 1, 2013)

  • Wait, wait... it's a robot spider in a rat costume?

  • Okay, so you've hacked the horse.

  • Nothing concerning your loins should go into Puerca.

  • That's fine. Tonight, I'm a hooker.

  • Stop saying you lost the game when you lose the game! Nobody cares!

  • "Why is Haley like a bunny?" "She eats her own poop?" "... I would have gone with 'she is cute.'"

Firefly Fridays (January 26, 2013)

  • "I need a big cigar-type thing." "Like a penis?"

  • The group I used to play with, we had a thing about elephants. Oh, wait, I mean woolly mammoths.

  • Your diligence is noted. Please stop.

  • There's beard hair all over the highway.

  • A buxom redhead, played by Batman, played by Christian Bale.

  • I want to be the bartender who watches people get murdered and then lies about it.

  • Let me feed this back to you: are my chocolate Krispy Kreme dice filled with cocaine?

SCARAB 2013 (January 18-20, 2013)

  • Who'd have thought that Vienna sausages were worth a d8.

  • I only snort steak.

  • "What's the duckie for?" "For bathing."

  • He has a sack-and-a-half.

  • I danced on this table. There is nothing wrong with this table!

  • "How do you fight the crowd of teenie-boppers?" "I am an excellent shot."

  • Is he legumosexual?

  • I like how "magnificent" means "pink."

Firefly Fridays (January 11, 2013)

  • "You can be Batman." "... I'm Batman."

  • You don't know what fun is until you've dated a medical oddity.

  • Welcome to the gun show. <kisses biceps> No background check!

  • I came very close to being a diamond smuggler in South Africa.

  • She likes a man who's confident in his femininity.

  • "What's his name? Space Whore?" "Space Boy." "Oh."

  • "This is the best character I've ever made." "That is like a whole essay about your life, Max."

  • This isn't porn; that's not going to work.

  • "You both look kinda familiar." "I just have one of those faces." "I don't." "I don't have a face."

Firefly Fridays (December 22, 2012)

  • What about the rich people who put themselves in those frozen chamber things?

  • "My name's Mitch." "You know, that's a very nice name... very manly." "We will deal with this when we get out of this haunted house!" "You bet we will, honey."

  • Most people hate the sound of Styrofoam. That's why the bargain sex toy industry failed.

  • It can't be racist – I drink it all the time! Why is purple drank racist?! Why is... oh.

Firefly Fridays (old)

  • "Wow, we have so many mesmers." "That's mesmerizing!" "That wasn't funny." "I'm not Tobes, okay?!"

  • "You know it's fake, right?" "No, it's not! It's psychology!"

  • "How do you break a crowbar?" "I'm psychotic."

  • Labradoodles aren't horrible. They just don't shed.

  • So these are Acererak's Jefferies tubes?

  • No amount of fooling around with that hand will reattach it, and I fooled around with it a lot.

  • Andy's laptop will be our maptop.

  • I'm still suspicious of this lick-it-and-stick-it business.

  • When I see part of the hospital collapse, it breaks me out of my witch hunt.

  • I'm at the fringes of my sanity. I don't even know what a ditch is.

  • "Are you conditioning me to laugh?" "No, I'm conditioning me to laugh."

  • My two medicines are vitamins and steak.

  • He's getting ready to start some serious homeowners association sh*t.

  • I notice that behind the stage there are enhancements like "boots" and "gloves."

  • I should have been Captain Jacques Swallow... never mind.